Karen Hannah
Weight 52 kg
Height 163 cm
About Me

Are you looking for a charming adventure in Cologne? Meet Irina, a fun filled escort who is free spirited and a devoted lover for exciting rendezvous. Irina has an elegant appearance, she is witty and coquettish. She can be a breadth of fresh air for you. A perfect companion for an evening hangout she is. Stunning, passionate and exclusively sweet, with a vast knowledge of the finest massage homes and resorts Cologne has got to offer. She is a race fan which explains her obsession for Cologne’s super cars. It is your best bet to spend a day with Irina as she guarantees a splendid time together.

Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: B
Smoker: NO
Drinking: YES
Languages: English, German
Available: YES


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