Clara Lara
Weight 56 kg
Height 165 cm
About Me

This is Amy, she is our most alluring blonde escort. Amy enjoys indoor time alone which explains why she spends most of her time in Cologne Hotels and Suites. Amy enjoys meeting new intriguing people, making new friends. And not to forget her interest in German muscles.  Amy is very open-minded. A hangout with Amy is always unforgettable. Cologne might appear big on the map but it’s really compact with Amy. She loves erotic adventures and exploits. Finding a chill spot is easy when you are with Amy. You are sure to have a swell time, or should I say the time of your life no matter what time it is with her.

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Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Breasts: D
Smoker: NO
Drinking: YES
Languages: English, German
Available: YES


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