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Spend A Romantic Weekend In Escort Cologne

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With its famous bridge with love locks, riverside walks and the imposing cathedral, Cologne has much to offer lovers seeking a romantic destination for a  city break. We’re highlighting the city’s most popular sights and activities for couples this winter. So read on to find out what you can add to your romantic Cologne itinerary. Even if you are alone and don’t have a female partner. Well our MP Escort Cologne is available 24/7 to clear or solve your problem. MP Escort have the best varieties of prostitutes who have Blonde, Black, Busty, Slim, Young or mature and many more which means you can have the girl of your dreams anytime you want whenever you are in Escort Cologne.

Say it with padlocks 

The first place to visit on your romantic city break is the Hohenzollern Bridge where you can book or reserve exclusive & cheap rate whores or hookers Cologne online by our Callgirl Cologne website. The bridge attracts couples from all over the world who yearn to secure the future of their relationship by adding a lock to the vast collection. Would you like to follow the 40,000 couples who have already left a mark of love on the bridge? Follow our step-by-step guide: First, buy a lock from a dealer near you (trust us, you will find one easily!); then have it engraved with your name or message; walk hand in hand to the bridge with the padlock in your pocket; then, of course, put the padlock on the bridge together. And lastly, kiss your partner and throw the keys into the Rhine! And even if you are embarrassed to add your castle to the collection, this is a romantic and picturesque place to visit with your partner. Castles are fascinating to look at and symbolize so much hope. He can’t help but smile as he reads all the engravings. 

If chocolate is the food of love 

Well, then we know it should be “music”, not “chocolate”, but if Shakespeare had ever been to Cologne, he could have written that line differently. The Chocolate Museum is a feast for the senses and will sweeten your time in this romantic city. Look for chocolate tastings that combine fine chocolate with coffee, wine, beer, rum, and even tequila. A tour of the museum is a journey through the history of chocolate from the Mayans and Aztecs, through the Baroque and the industrial revolution to today’s sweets. There are fascinating displays and even an oversized chocolate fountain that you can dip into with waffles. And if that makes your taste buds tingle, don’t worry: there’s a fantastic coffee shop to enjoy and a chocolate shop full of tempting bars, boxes and glasses to go. Moreover, if you want to give something to your GFE Slut Cologne as her reward after getting all the satisfaction you were looking for. Then these chocolate boxes are best for them.

Cologne callgirls available for tourism of Dreaming Towers

It is almost impossible to visit Cologne without at least seeing the twin towers of the imposing cathedral. Cologne Cathedral is an impressive example of Gothic architecture and a World Heritage Site. The construction began in 1248 and finished in 1880 when Lewis Carroll had already described it as “the most beautiful of all the churches that I have seen or imagined”. If you stroll through the alleys of the old town, mostly quiet with traffic, in the direction of the towers, the cathedral takes centre stage and guarantees anticipation. Up close, this mighty building rises so high that it is almost impossible to capture it all. And once inside, your amazement will not diminish, especially when you think back to the moment when the construction of this epic fusion of soaring arches and stained glass began. Romantics should visit the new window of Gerhard Richter, one of the most sought-after and expensive artists in the world. The window consists of 11,500 glass squares in 72 colours. Watching this “symphony of lights” with your partner will surely be one of the highlights of your trip. And if you are looking for a challenge, climb the 533 steps to the observation deck and enjoy the breathtaking view over the Rhine. This also allows you some unique close-ups with the intricate architecture and gargoyles on the towers which is also a best spot to try Deep French Kissing in missionary position with your European or Russian Adult Companion Cologne. Did you know that gargoyles were attached to gutters in Gothic cathedrals to channel rainwater as far from the building as possible? 

The only Eau de Cologne 

Near the cathedral, you will find another distraction for the senses: Eau de Cologne at Casa Farina. The original fragrance house is now a museum and outlet. Take a tour and learn about the history of perfume and how it is made. Keep in mind that a good fragrance spreads good charm which leads to making your Luxuries Escort Cologne begging for more all the time. Enjoy the fragrance of the original fragrance, which the inventor described as “reminiscent of a spring morning in Italy after the rain …”. How could you refuse that? You can also check out competing eau de toilette manufacturer No. 4711. This fragrance house was also founded in the early 18th century and takes its name from its flagship store at former No. 4711. 4711 Klöckergasse House. Buying a bottle of this world-famous fragrance is a great way to save memories of your trip to the city. 

A Walk on the river with private whores

Finally, you should take a romantic stroll along the banks of the Rhine. There is a lot to see here with the industrial ships that go up and down the water and transport coal and goods from all over Europe. You can throw a party on a ship and to enjoy that party you can book Party Escorts Cologne from the MP Escort Agency. But it all happens with surprisingly little effort, making it a relaxing place to walk, watch, and hold hands (of course!). You can also see the last of the cranes to be lined up on the gangway as a reminder of past industry. 

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Newly constructed apartments where you can take your busty or petite outcall sex Callgirl Cologne to experience best Anal, Sloppy Blowjob & Swedish Massage in a Doggystyle position and office buildings now line the banks. Stop here for photos of the river and bridge and one last coffee and great German pastries before heading back to your hotel. 

Pampering for two 

What better way to say “I love you” than with a relaxing stay for two at our 4-star Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne? All the hotel rooms have been designed according to Feng Shui principles to make you feel refreshed and relaxed which you will be needing to do after having hardcore and rough sex with your Teen Escort Cologne who will be doing roleplay of Secretary. And they recently got a whole new look too! This makes the hotel the perfect choice for design lovers.

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