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All of us know MP Escort Köln visitors are not here to read my lengthy articles but rather to spice up their life in a foreign city after work hours or could be during the working day also who knows. We write this brief article to keep our readers those of you who like to do some reading to be up to date. The Airport Escort scene at Köln Bonn airport is thriving due to various reasons.
a) The Köln Bonn airport is from the few 24 hours airports
b) The facilities are used to train astronauts
c) Just 15 kms from Cologne and 16 fromm Bonn
d) 4th largest in Germany

There are many more but I will not keep you long if you are interested more info can be found here. Now there a lot of Hotels around the airport for commuters who are transiting or visiting for business, just because a client is staying at the airport does not mean he or she cannot indulge in some kinky fun. Infact we have our party escort ladies well prepared to treat your sore muscles with some erotic massage and plenty of hot sex during your session. As we know there is no proper time schedule for flights we are pleased to inform our clients that MP Cologne Escorts operates round the clock meaning 24 hours escort service.

According to our experience most hotels around the Köln Bonn Airport are equipped with keycards so its better to ask the operator of MP Escort to give you a heads up a few minutes before arrival and you can meet your lovely blonde or brunette courtesan from Cologne at the ground floor. Do you have colleagues who are having a good time at the bar downstairs and you would want your secret to shared then let us handle the rest. As you know the Escort industry is legal in Germany, Cologne. The lady will approach reception as a casual friend and you will be informed of her arrival through your hotel phone and your surprise for the night will be at your doorstep in a matter of few minutes without any prying eyes. Our ladies arrive to your airport hotel in 1 hour maximum and we take dress wishes very seriously. You are to decide if you want the escort lady to stay 1 hour or multiple hours.

Most of these lovely young girls know Cologne and its surroundings like the back of their hand. If you plan that you require the company of this escort for multiple hours do not restrict yourself to your airport hotel. Cologne has a lot to offer. Maybe visit some trending bars in the city which is only 15 kms away or better yet a night club to energize what is yet to come. Keep reading our blog and we will keep you updated on weekly basis in Cologne and NRW.


* International airport of Germany’s fourth-largest city Cologne
* District of Porz
* 14.8 km (9.2 mi) Southeast of Cologne city center
* 16 km from Bonn
* 24 hours airport
* Astronaut training takes place here

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